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(AID) Promoting Respect for Women's and Children's Right Among Individuals and Corporations.

Preserve and Protect the Physical and Mental Health of Those Granted Refugee Status and Their Dependants. To Advance the Education

Training Of Those Granted Refugee To Adapt Within A New Community. The Relief of Sickness and Financial Hardship

Amongst Those Seeking Asylum In The United Kingdom Or Who Are Refugees, And Who Reside In London. To Advance

The Education of the Public in the Subject of Languages Such As English, Arabic and Kurdish. (Women's and Children's

The aim of the workshop organised by the Kurdish community is to promote the human rights among Kurdish community in London and highlight the scope and the nature of all the rights

Most of our community members aware of existence of the human rights, but they lack sufficient knowledge about the limit, nature and how human rights work practically.

The workshop aimed to highlight the interconnection between the rights of the individual, society and state. Even though individual is positioned at the centre of the rights, society and the state play significant role and impose limitation on the rights.

In terms of Kurdish right to self-determination and freedom, the workshop explained the scope of the human rights and it's effective role. Kurds are under the oppression, their rights have been denied by the sovereign states where they live. The workshop highlighted the weak point and strongest point of the role of human rights in relation to the Kurdish issue nationally and internationally.

Participants were so happy once the workshop finished and they claimed that the workshop have equipped them with legal and political tools to rely on in the countries were they live and internationally in term of their national identity. 

Syrian kurdish centre
dialogue course training
The emphasis of our intensive one day course is to equip you with the necessary skills to design and run effective participation processes. or to recognise when it is inappropriate to do so and an impartial third party is required. our training also includes advice on practical matters such as equipment needs.
output management. And venue requirements.
We will help you understand the principles and concepts of stakeholder participation train you in practical
facilitation skills and process design.
And help you explore the benefits and challenges of involving stakeholders.


syrian kurdish centre communion with kurdish community 13.08.2014
demonstration in london to support the kurds resistance in kobane against isis.
A lot of anger was directed toward turkey .
who are supporting isis militarily and logistically. But no-one wants an occupation by western powers either.
The kurds can take care of isis on their own if they are given.

syrian kurdish centre included demonstration led by the kurdish people assembly in the uk.
Called on the uk government to boots its support for people suffering in the conflict, particularly
members of the shia , sufi, christian and yezidis communities.
they also want britain to put diplomatic pressure on countries including turkey or qatar and said arabic
who they argue have been supporting jihadism in the region.